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Broughton Pre-School
Pre-school Policies & Procedures
  • Introduction

    Policies and procedures are essential to help us provide high quality provision that is compliant with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). They do this by explaining to staff and parents about the type of childcare we offer and what actions we take in practice to achieve this. The EYFS requires us to have written policies and procedures; and to provide staff with training at induction to ensure that they fully understand, and know how to implement, the policies and procedures and to ensure that they are accessible and clearly explained to parents. 


    We have a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that cover the following areas:


    Health & Safety

    Fire Safety

    Safety & Nutrition


    Promoting Inclusion, Equality & Valuing Diversity

    Safeguarding Children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults

    Record Keeping

    Staff, Volunteers & Students

    Childcare Practice

    Working in Partnership with Parents & Other Agencies


    These policies & procedures are available 24/7 for parents of enrolled children via our online Learning Journal system, Tapestry. 




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