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Broughton Pre-School
Broughton Pre-School
Photo Gallery: Inside the Preschool
Inside the Preschool
Maths - sharing equally
Viewed 4305 times
Snail watch!
Viewed 4340 times
Fun making playdough
Viewed 4314 times
Playdough made by us!
Viewed 4653 times
Making playdough
Viewed 4582 times
Scooping lavendar
Viewed 4440 times
Sorting & counting
Viewed 4394 times
Viewed 4354 times
Painting time
Viewed 4396 times
Building together
Viewed 4374 times
In the kitchen
Viewed 4445 times
Our Brightly Lit Classroom
Viewed 4417 times
Technology Fun
Viewed 4370 times
Reading Together
Viewed 4323 times
Learning Together
Viewed 4226 times
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